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Permission to repost given by artist.



Matthew waited for the people who said they were going to Canada if Romney won but he lost so … :C

he even rented out like a couple hundred sleeping bags and stuff

-requested by anon

edit: made a quick comic to make it a happy ending because i felt bad for Mattie ;w ;


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these tangerines are fucking delicious holy SHIT


“It’s not murder, it’s War. There’s a big difference.”

Some speedpaintings sort of cinematically imagining the opening scene of my historical fanfic, “Irreversible,” which explores young Alfred’s struggles with loyalty after he witnesses Arthur and the colonists brutally raze an Indian village in 1637. It’s my first completed fic, so pls read and review!



A myriad of beautiful fanart floats toward the top of your screen as you scroll deeper into your dashboard. You might even stop and reblog one here and there, but lately, you may have noticed something new attached to the sources for these fanarts.  Somewhere among the links to both the work and the artist’s page is a phrase along the lines of “Permission to post was obtained by artist.” It’s nice to know that there are people who go the extra mile and ask permission, but is it necessary?  The answer: Yes.

The Hetalia fandom has come a long way when it comes to sourcing fanart. Nowadays nearly every piece of fanart has due credit given to the artist which shows the fandom’s respect for the artists among us. This could not have been accomplished without a collective effort of the fandom to spread the awareness that there is a need to respect artists; however, providing links back to the original work and the artist’s profile may not be enough. It is not a well-known fact, but reposting artwork, whether or not it has a source, violates the terms of both Pixiv and Drawr, two of the most popular sources for fanart. Moreover, some of the artists on these sites are upset with their work being reposted to other sites without their awareness.

This is a screencap of Pixiv’s terms. There is not an easy way to put this, but as a whole, the Hetalia community is violating the highlighted rule by posting fanart without first obtaining consent. There are even artists who have removed their works from Pixiv to prevent their art from being reposted not only because they were not credited for their work but also because they did not give the reposter permission.  Now, the people who post art are not the only ones at fault. When one reblogs a piece of artwork that was reposted without the consent of the artist, he or she is giving support to the violation of Pixiv’s terms, as was the case with reblogging unsourced art. Because it is blatantly breaking Pixiv’s rules, reposting art without the artist’s permission is just as great an offense as not sourcing the art, and both could be considered art theft no matter what the intention.   

We should not worry though! Artists are usually very kind when requested permission to repost a piece of artwork and are known to grant it most of the time. Asking for their permission shows our respect not only for the time and effort they put into their beautiful pieces but also for their right to the fate of their art. We should also refrain from reblogging fanart that was reposted without permission. If you really do enjoy a piece of art that doesn’t have the artist’s permission to be on Tumblr, then you can like it and set your likes to private, or reblog it to a private (password protected) blog. Let’s use the same force we had when informing everyone for the need to source art to spread the need to ask permission from the artist before reposting his or her work!

For more information on this please refer to letsrespectpixivartist.They say it much better than we here at HFNN ever could and even give instructions on how one should go about obtaining consent.


  • It is illegal to repost artwork without the artist’s permission.
  • The artists don’t like it.
  • Don’t post or reblog art that doesn’t have the artist’s consent to be on Tumblr.
  • Let’s work together as we did for sourcing to get everyone to do the right thing. 

Please pass this information along to your friends!

Important info!! The mods here at sadtalia have definitely been guilty of this in the past, so we need to do better from here on.

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fucking legendary



All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.

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i just wanted to give you a buzzcut you don’t need to cry like that come ON ))));







I’m finally caught up on Hetalia: The Beautiful World. Episode 4 = Oh the Russia feels … The Russia feels …


Stars hide your fires
These here are my desires
And I will give them up to you this time around

I want to draw a story about someone who gave up everything just to go home


okay, some 1p2p al/alfred where al isn’t getting the shaft!!! happy happy tears and happy kisseessss